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Gender: F Origin of Gala: Russian and Slavic feminine form of Galina

Festive name of the wife of Salvador Dali.

Famous People Named Gala

Gala Gonzalez, Spanish blogger of Inside Am-Lul's Closet
Gala Eluard Dali (born Elena Ivanovna Diakonova), muse of various artists and Salvador Dali's wife
Gala Darling, New Zealand blogger based in NYC
Gala Bartra Jiménez, daughter of Spanish footballer Marc Bartra and journalist Melissa Jiménez

Pop Culture References for the name Gala

Galatea "Gala" Brand, character in the 1955 Jams Bond novel Moonraker
Gala, apple variety
Gala TV, Mexican television network (formerly "Galavision")
Gala means "milk" in Greek. Hence the word "galaxy" meaning "milky way".
Gala, an area of the Scottish Borders, contains the towns Galashiels and Galalaw

Galla, Gaila