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Gender: F Meaning of Fawn: "a young deer" Origin of Fawn: Nature name

The doe-eyed Fawn, like other retrograde names such as Tawny and Taffy, does not, in our opinion, give a girl enough to live up to. Fawn limped along at the bottom of the Top 1000 throughout the 1960s and 1970s -- the era that gave birth to Barbie and Bambi -- but has not been on the scope for 30 years now.

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Famous People Named Fawn

Fawn McKay Brodie, American biographer and historian
Fawn Hall, secretary of U.S. Lt. Col. Oliver North; figure in the Iran-Contra Affair
Fawn Oakes, daughter of Mohawk (Native American) activist Richard Oakes

Pop Culture References for the name Fawn

Fawn, character from Disney's Fairies
Fawn, character in The Clique Series
Fawn Lebowitz, a single-episode character from Victorious (her fake name was 'Ponnie')
Fawn Moscato, character on New Girl

Faan, Fawniah, Fawne, Fawndelia, Fawna, Fauna, Fawnya, Faunia, Fahndelia, Faina, Fawnia, Faandelia, Fahn, Faun