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Gender: F Meaning of Fawn: "a young deer" Origin of Fawn: Nature name

The doe-eyed Fawn, like other retrograde names such as Tawny and Taffy, does not, in our opinion, give a girl enough to live up to. Fawn limped along at the bottom of the Top 1000 throughout the 1960s and 1970s -- the era that gave birth to Barbie and Bambi -- but has not been on the scope for 30 years now.

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Famous People Named Fawn

Fawn McKay Brodie, American biographer and historian
Fawn Hall, secretary of U.S. Lt. Col. Oliver North; figure in the Iran-Contra Affair

Pop Culture References for the name Fawn

Fawn, character from Disney's Fairies
Fawn, character in The Clique Series
Fawn Lebowitz, a single-episode character from Victorious (her fake name was 'Ponnie')

Faan, Fawniah, Fawne, Fawndelia, Fawna, Fauna, Fawnya, Faunia, Fahndelia, Faina, Fawnia, Faandelia, Fahn, Faun