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Gender: M Meaning of Erastus: "beloved" Origin of Erastus: Latinized form of Greek Erastos

The Biblical Erastus was an assistant of Paul's in the New Testament. A name used in the 19th century that has fall off the scope, but may be revived as parents dig deeper for undiscovered Biblical choices.

Famous People Named Erastus

Erastus of Corinth, politician and disciple in the New Testament
Erastus Fairbanks, American politician; 21st an 26th Governor of New Hampshire
Erastus Corning, U.S. Congressman from New York
Erastus Corning 2nd, American politician; grand-grandson of Erastus Corning
Erastus Dean Culver, American politician and abolitionist
Erastus Otis Haven, American Methodist bishop
Erastus Wiman, Canadian-American developer of Staten Island, NY
Erastus Dow Palmer, American sculptor
Erastus Benson; American banker and investor; Founder of Benson, Nebraska

Pop Culture References for the name Erastus