Italian variation of Victor

Vittorio Origin and Meaning

The name Vittorio is a boy's name of Italian origin meaning "conqueror".

Was there ever a name that rolled more appealingly off the tongue? Vittorio calls to mind the glory days of Italian cinema, featuring names like Vittorio de Sica and Vittorio Gassman.

Vittorio Popularity

Famous People Named Vittorio

  • Vittorio MissoniItalian fashion designer.
  • Vittorio De SicaItalian neorealist director and actor.
  • Vittorio GassmanItalian actor.
  • Vittorio JanoItalian auto designer.
  • Vittorio PozzoItalian football coach and journalist.
  • Vittorio StoraroItalian cinematographer.
  • Vittorio AdorniItalian cyclist.
  • Vittorio AlfieriItalian playwright and poet.
  • Vittorio SereniItalian poet.