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Cecilio Origin and Meaning

The name Cecilio is a boy's name of Italian origin meaning "blind".

Cecilio is derived from Caecilius, an Ancient Roman surname that was likely originally bestowed upon someone who was blind.

Today you might expect Cecilio to a fashionable first name in part due to the prevalence of the related name Cecilia, but it was given to only 18 babies in 2021.

Famous People Named Cecilio

  • Cecilio Báez Gonzálezprovisional President of Paraguay
  • Cecilio Andrés DomínguezParaguayan footballer
  • Cecilio TielesCuban pianist
  • Cecilio PláSpanish painter
  • Cecilio Kapirig PutongFilipino educator and politician
  • Cecilio David RodriguezAmerican pop singer of duo Cecilio & Kapono
  • Cecilio ApóstolFilipino poet