Russian variation of Theodore
"God's gift"

Fyodor Origin and Meaning

The name Fyodor is a boy's name of Russian origin meaning "God's gift".

This variation of Theodore is familiar here mostly via the great Russian novelist Dostoyevsky. It was also the name of three early tsars of Russia.

Fyodor Popularity

Famous People Named Fyodor

  • Fyodor Mikhailovich DostoyevskyRussian novelist
  • Fyodor Petrovich LitkeRussian admiral and Arctic explorer
  • Fyodor Ivanovich TyutchevRussian Romantic poet
  • Fyodor Savelyevich KhitrukRussian animator and director
  • Fyodor Petrovich SimashevRussian Olympic cross country skier
  • Fyodor Mikhaylovich TerentyevRussian Olympic cross country skier
  • Fyodor Alekseyevich MininRussian Arctic explorer
  • Fyodor Andreyevich MatisenRussian Arctic explorer

Fyodor in Pop Culture

  • Fyodor Karamazovfather of the brothers in Fyodor Dostoyevsky's "The Brothers Karamazov"
  • Fyodorstreet artist and main character in Ekaterina Sedia's "The Secret History of Moscow"
  • Fyodor Dolokhovcharacter in Leo Tolstoy's "War and Peace"