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Gender: M Origin of Endymion: Greek mythology name

The name of a mythically handsome youth, who was loved by the Moon, who bore him fifty daughters--all this could be a lot for a modern boy to handle.

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Famous People Named Endymion

Endymion Porter (1587-1649), English diplomat

Pop Culture References for the name Endymion

"Endymion" (1818), narrative poem by John Keats (beginning "A thing of beauty is a joy for ever")
Endymion Ferrar, sweet-tempered title character of Disraeli's "Endymion" (1880 novel)
Prince Endymion, a "Sailor Moon" character
The usual English pronunciation: en-DIM-ee-un
A very popular Mardi Gras parade in New Orleans
Endymion Spring, character in Matthew Skelton's "Endymion Spring"