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Gender: M Meaning of Emery: "brave, industrious" Origin of Emery: German Emery's Popularity in 2016: #721

Emery is one of the newly popular Em- names that has great potential, though right now for girls more than boys: it jumped more than 100 pink places in 2009, a year after Angie Harmon and Jason Sehorn used it for one of their daughters. While the boys' name sits at Number 721 in the US, for girls it ranks Number 130. Regardless, Emery is still strong and viable for a boy, but you might want to consider Emory or Amory or Emerson as a more masculine option for your son.

Famous People Named Emery

Emery Molyneux, English globe-maker
Emery Lehman, American speed skater
Emery Neal Brown, American statistician, neuroscientist and anesthesiologist

Pop Culture References for the name Emery

Similar to Emory (i.e., emory board aka nail file)
Emery, American post-hardcore band
Emery Whirlwind, character from TV series "Northern Exposure"
Emery Huang, character on the series "Fresh off the Boat"
Emery, name of cartoon train on children's TV series "Chuggington"

Emery's International Variations

Emmo, Emory, Emmerich, Amery (German) Imre (Hungarian) Imrich (Czech)