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Gender: Male Meaning of Elmer: "noble and renowned" Origin of Elmer: English

The name Elmer is a boy's name of English origin meaning "noble and renowned". Elmer and is often added to lists like Names with Inspirational Meanings and discussed in our forums with posts like "Change two letters (5 names)".

From the experts:

Thanks to Elmer Fudd, Elmer the Cow, and even Elmer's glue, this name has become a bit of a joke -- the quintessential so-far-out-it-will-always-be-out name. But with its trendy El-beginning and popular er-ending, who knows?

Hard as it may be to believe today, Elmer was a Top 100 name for at least 50+ years--until 1937--hitting Number 38 at the turn of the last century. One literary reference is the title character in Sinclair Lewis's novel Elmer Gantry; real life namesakes include playwright Elmer Rice and composer Elmer Bernstein. "Elmer's Tune" is a jazz classic.

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Famous People Named Elmer

Elmer Rice, American playwright
Elmer Sperry, American inventor
Elmer Bernstein, American composer
Elmer Drew Merrill, American botanist
Elmer Francis Layden, American NFL player, coach and commissioner
(John William) Elmer Thomas, U.S. Senator from Oklahoma
Elmer James Lach, Canadian ice hockey player
Elmer Dessens (Jusaino), Mexican baseball player
Elmer Ellsworth "Sy" Sutcliffe, American baseball player
Elmer Earl "Butch" Hartman, American animator

Pop Culture References for the name Elmer

Elmer Fudd, Loony Tunes character
Elmer Elephant, Silly Symphonies cartoon character
"Elmer Gantry," novel by Sinclair Lewis, film, and its main character
Elmer the Bull, mascot for Elmer's Glue

Aymer, Elmir, Aylmer, Aylmar, Elmar


Bobcat108 Says:


Be veh-eh-eh-ww-y quiet...I'm hunting for a different name.

Daiseymae Says:


I hope it is never.

snowsbeloved Says:


I think it's going to take a little bit more time for this name to become popular again...from where I stand, at least.

Theodora_Phoenix Says:


I don't think of the patchwork elephant. I think of Elmer's glue or Elmer Fudd from Looney Toons. I liked this name as a kid.

Essa Says:


I think the patchwork elephant adds a super cuteness to this name! I don't think it's a bad connotation at all. It's barely even known by kids now anyway.

lesliemarion Says:


I too love this name. I would name a boy Kenelm and call him Elm or Elmer. I have never heard of this patchwork elephant!

helenlouise Says:


I genuinely really love this name but just think that Elmer the patchwork elephant might be too prominent a connotation in childhood circles.