Gender: Female Meaning of Elaina: "bright, shining light" Origin of Elaina: Variation of Elaine or Elena Elaina's Popularity in 2018: #272

Elaina Origin and Meaning

The name Elaina is a girl's name of French origin meaning "bright, shining light".

Sounds exotic; feels familiar.

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Rank in US: #272

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Elaina Says:


My name is Elaina, I was born in 1990 when the name was maybe down in the 800's in terms of popularity - so it crazy to see it up in the 200's now, but I understand that's because El names are popular and so are rather feminine names.

Don't worry about people mispronouncing this name, because people seem to have some kind of mental block against names - most people seem either too afraid to try and pronounce a name or become temporarily stupefied by them. I don't personally get this, always loved names and can normally find a recall in my brain that tells me how to pronounce it(also there's just the whole reading comprehension part of it....). Now, whether it is morel like Elle - aina or Eee - laina is maybe up to the parent. Mine was meant to be pronounced like the latter - like Eee -laine. I accept the other pronunciation though as I personally kind of like it better.

However, be prepared for people to get confused by your name because Alana's, Alannah's, Alaina's and all the like are out there. It's just a sort of general vowelly name if that makes any sense. So, teachers and others will call you by those names.

I had once read people discussing the name online and I was a bit dismayed by their views that my name looked "creative spelling - y": That's not my mom whatsoever. My sister's name is Justine. My half brother's name is Adam. My mom had an old baby names book printed in the 1920's and it has the name Elaine/Elain in it. So I think she saw the latter and added the a. I think because the extra feminized version of Elaine was never really a thing, like Emilie/Emilia or Isabelle/Isabella,Gabrielle/Gabriella. It's no different than that if you look at it that way. My mom actually hated seeing Alaina's, Elayna's ect when I was growing up because I think she thought it was dragging my name down by association. Yes, I have inherited some of her name snobbery lol. Maybe if she'd known those other names would become semi popular she'd have chosen something else, but alas.

My hope is Elaina becomes a legitimate and recognized feminized version of Elaine. At times I've thought of changing my name to Elaine(it has a dowdy feel, but I think it could grow out of that in a couple decades and become re associated with its Arthurian history) or to Elena - but I'm hesitant because I do like that it's at least a sort of original version of the pretty El names. Even though I much prefer Eleanor/Elinor, Elowen, Eloise personally.

josephinedagnall Says:


I can't decide whether I prefer Elaina, Elaine, or Elane... Argh!

SoDallas3 Says:


While not the most common spelling, I find it one of the most intuitive, one of ten thousand The Vampire Diaries names I love. :/

Marlaina Says:


My middle name! Not a common spelling, which I love. I think I only met one girl with this spelling and I was shocked. I actually got into a friendly disagreement with a man who thought he created this spelling for his daughter. He was so upset when he realized it's been around before he thought it up lol

GreenEyes375 Says:


I am finding myself liking this name more all the time. I have loved Alaina for a long time, but this wraps in my love for "El-" names. Beautiful.

athenamay24 Says:


I like this spelling better than Elena just because it won't be pronounced incorrectly. Plus, I have a relative named Ella Lane, and this would make a good honor name when it's spelled/pronounced this way.

Zelliew Says:


Elaine, Elaina & Elena are all very nice names

amberann2002 Says:


It's such a pretty name and when spelled this way, it has a lot of nickname options, too: Laina, Laine, Lainey, Elle, and Ellie.

SoDallas3 Says:


I prefer this spelling, only because Elena is pronounced so differently, where I live it would be mistaken for Elina (prn. Eh-LEEN-Uh.) It's one of my favourite names though and would be a top contender.

wombatpumpkin Says:


My name is Elaina and it isn't a popular name but that is why I like it.