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Gender: Male Meaning of Draco: "dragon" Origin of Draco: Greek from Latin

The name Draco is a boy's name of Greek origin meaning "dragon". Draco and is often added to lists like Space Baby Names and discussed in our forums with posts like "Middle name for a First name!".

From the experts:

For as long as we all shall live, Harry Potter's sneering nemesis.

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Famous People Named Draco

Draco, ancient Greek lawgiver of Athens; origin of the term "draconian"
Draco, several physicians in the family of Hippocrates
Draco Cornelius Rosa (Suárez) (born Robert Edward Rosa Suárez), Puerto Rican songwriter and musician
Draco Verta, son of American actress Danica McKellar and composer Mike Verta

Pop Culture References for the name Draco

Draco Malfoy, character in the "Harry Potter" series
Draco, dragon from the movie "Dragonheart"
Draco, warlord character on TV's Xena: Warrior Princess
Draco, black dragon in the video game Dark Ages
Draco, character in a fictional opera in video game Final Fantasy VI
Draco, 9/9 Artifact Dragon from the card game Magic: The Gathering
Draco Centauros, a dragon-like humanoid from the Puyo Puyo video game series
Draco-Hedron Ovinxer, final boss in video game Gun Nac
Antares Draco, an Imperial Knight from Star Wars: Legacy
Jaq Draco, character in Ian Watson's Inquisition War Trilogy
Marc Ange Draco, James Bond's father-in-law in in the 007 novels
Draco, constellation in the Northern sky



Ouka Himura Says:


We're using this name for our baby if they are a boy. We were originally going to go with Cayden however we knew a person who was a jerk with the name so we decided to find another. After looking at magickal names, Draco and Drake were both on the list. my husband and I were wanting something dragon related, and it was between those two. I like Draco sooooo much more than Drake. While I am a huge Harry Potter fan, and absolutely adore the complex character that is Draco Malfoy, he is not the inspiration behind the name.

Llorde Stuart Says:


I love the name Draco and I'm a huge Harry Potter fan, but as much as I love Draco Malfoy I wouldn't want anyone to think of Harry Potter when they think of my child.

lizway Says:


While I'll probably always love this name, I'll also always associate it with Harry Potter. Though, I could probably like it on a child... It's better than naming your kid Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way.

EW314 Says:


This has a cool sound and one of the best meanings I've ever seen! But it does strike me as kind of a one-character kind of a name, now. I'd be thrilled to meet a little Draco, though I'd never use it myself.

Zelliew Says:


Agreed !

kiwipop Says:


Draco was my second favorite character in the book after Harry. Such an amazing name.

Jae Rayne Meadows Says:


I don't mean to be rude to anyone, but those saying that Harry Potter 'ruined' Draco by using it for a villain... It had that association a long time ago. A Greek tyrant by the name of Draco was known for his cruelty. He would have someone hanged if they even stole a loaf of bread. Just saying.

Angelicaecb Says:


I love the name Draco, for all it's root meanings and such and it sounds very nice to me, much better then simply using Drake, of which I prefer Blake. Draco is one of the few O sounding names I adore. And as much as I love Harry Potter too, I don't think I could use it.

Candler Says:


What a Draconian thing to do to your child (ba-dum-tiss)

rsk724 Says:


This is my youngest sons name and has everything to with the meaning/origin and nothing to do with Harry Potter...even though I love all the movies/books and own them all!!

eveyalecia Says:


Draco is cool for a lot of reasons-- Latin roots, astronomy related, the "dragon" meaning-- I don't think anyone should be put off by the Harry Potter connotation. For one thing, Draco is not Harry's "nemesis," that would be Voldemort. Draco Malfoy is a complex and interesting character, and makes the name more appealing, not less, in my opinion.

TheClockworkPrincess Says:


I LOVE this name! I am a huge Harry Potter fan and I think naming my future son, Draco, is a great way to honour that. It is just so elegant and handsome sounding. Of course it doesn't hurt that Draco Malfoy is one of my favorite characters.

jan11th Says: