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Gender: F Meaning of Diane: "divine" Origin of Diane: French variation of Diana

Like Joanne and Christine, middle-aged Diane has been overshadowed by the a-ending version of her name. Diane has a definite mid-century feel; it was a Top 20 name from 1946 to 1959. Though it has several distinguished bearers, including Dianes Sawyer, Keaton, von Furstenberg, Lane, Arbus, Kruger and Farr, it is rarely used for babies today.

Famous People Named Diane

Diane de France, 16th-century daughter of France's Henry II
Diane de Poitiers, 16th-century French noblewoman, prominent courtier of King Francis I and King Henry II
Diane Arbus, American photographer
Diane Ladd (born Rose Diane Ladner), American actress
(Lila) Diane Sawyer, American TV journalist
Diane Keaton, American actress
Diane Simone Michelle (Halfin) von Furstenberg, Belgian-American fashion designer
Diane Murphy, former child actress, twin sister Erin Murphy
Diane Eve Warren, American songwriter
Diane Lane, American actress
Diane Farr, American actress
Diane Kruger, German actress and model
Diane Marie Disney Miller, elder daughter of Walt Disney
Diane O'Meara, young American woman unintentionally involved in the 2013 Manti Te'o hoax case
Diane Franklin, American actress
Diane Neal, American actress
Diane Tell, Canadian pop-jazz singer-songwriter
Diane Judith Nash, American civil rights activist
Diane Pamela Wood, U.S. federal judge
Diane Guerrero, American actress
Diane English, American screenwriter, producer, and director

Pop Culture References for the name Diane

Diane Johnson, six-year-old character on TV's "Black-ish"
Diane, character on TV's "Episodes"
Diane Nixon, main character in 2011 film "The Good Doctor," played by Riley Keough
Diane, main character in 2012 film "Peace, Love, and Misunderstanding," played by Catherine Keener
Diane Holmes, character in TV movie "Under the Mistletoe"
Diane Chambers, character on TV's "Cheers"
"Jack and Diane," song by John Cougar Mellencamp
"Jack and Diane," 2012 film starring Riley Keough and Juno Temple, respectively
"Little Diane," song by Dion
"My Diane," song by The Beach Boys
"Oh Diane," song by Fleetwood Mac from the album "Mirage"
"Diane Young," song by Vampire Weekend
"Diane," 1956 film about Diane de Poitiers, with Lana Turner
Diane's, clothing store
Diane Symonds, character in "Sister Mary Ignatius Explains It All for You"
Diane Barrows, character in film "It Takes Two"
Diane Jenkins, character from American soap "The Young and the Restless"
Pinkamena "Diane" Pie, character in animated series "My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic"
Steak Diane
Diane Sterling-Fornell-Gibbs, a character in "NCIS"
Diane, character on TV's "The Strain"

Dyane, Dionne, Dede, Dee, Deedee, Deanne, Dyanne, Dione, Dyann, Diahann, Dian, Dianne, Dyan, Di