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Gender: Female Origin of Diamond: Gem name

The name Diamond is a girl's name . Diamond and is often added to lists like Jewel and Gemstone Baby Names and discussed in our forums with posts like "Drop your least fav name GIRLS".

From the experts:

Diamond sparkled all through the nineties--reaching as high as Number 150 in 1999. Although its shine has diminished quite a bit, it remains in use.

Followers of the British royal family may know that the name was given in honor of Queen Victoria's sixtieth anniversary on the throne - her Diamond Jubilee. It's said that the queen asked that her granddaughter, born in 1897 during the jubilee year, be named Diamond. But Victoria's son, the future George V, chose Victoria Alexandra Alice Mary instead.

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Famous People Named Diamond

Diamond White, American singer
Diamond, stage name of Brittany Nicole Carpentero, American rapper of group Crime Mob
Diamond McKinney, YouTuber and novelist
Diamond Dallas Page, ring name of Page Joseph Falkinburg, American male pro wrestler
Diamond Platnumz, stage name of Naseeb Abdul Juma, Tanzanian male singer
Diamond Stone (b. 1984), daughter of singer Angie Stone
Diamond Strawberry (b. 1988), reality TV personality ("Love & Hip-Hop"); daughter of baseball player Darryl Strawberry
Diamond DeShields (b. 1995), daughter of baseball player Delino DeShields
Marquise Diamond Jackson aka 25 Cent (b. 1997), son of rapper 50 Cent

Pop Culture References for the name Diamond

Diamond Tiara, character on animated series 'My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic'
Diamond Jozu, character in manga\anime One Piece
Yellow Diamond, character on animated series "Steven Universe"
Diamond Took, Pippin's wife in Lord of the Rings
Diamond, boy in George MacDonald's "At the Back of the North Wind"
Diamond, nonbinary character in Haruko Ichikawa's "Land of the Lustrous"
Diamond Dogs, album by David Bowie
Diamond Rio, country music band
"Diamonds," song by Rihanna
"Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend," song made famous by Marilyn Monroe
Diamond, gemstone for the month April

Diamund, Diamonte, Diamyn, Diamunde, Dyamond, Diamin, Diamon, Diamonda, Diamonde


burg123 Says:



Xiao Casa Says:


I know a little girl with this name, it's really cute on her and she has a big personality that needed a long, unique name to go with.

heatherelainediamond Says:


My last name is Diamond and it has been wonderful! People always remember it and comment positively on it. I gave it to my daughter as part of her hyphenated last name: Diamond-Jones and she loves it too. Not sure how it would "wear" as a first, but it rocks as a last :-).

paulapuddephatt Says:


I really like this name. I haven't met anyone called Diamond, so I guess it wasn't used as much in the UK.

maddiepie Says:


I know someone named Diamond

snowsbeloved Says:


What area do you live in? Just curious, because I haven't met ONE person named Diamond and I was born in 1990

caetano Says:


reminds me of Diamond Stone, the NBA player. They should really add a male page too

EW314 Says:


Diamonds may be classy, but this name certainly isn't IMO.

Hailey Says:


Hahaha, okay, fair enough. :)

cabosanmucus Says:


I've known a lot of girls named Diamond in my life. I've yet to see them become strippers. What's the difference between Diamond, Ruby, Pearl, and Gemma honestly. Now Jezebel would be a stripper name..............

Hailey Says:


Stripper name. I have never met anyone with this name, and I was a 90's kid. If it was as popular as all that, wouldn't we be meeting some adult Diamonds by now...?

Bobcat108 Says:


The information about Queen Victoria is incorrect... the future George V was Victoria's grandson, not son (George's father was Edward VII, Victoria's son), & thus Victoria Alexandra Alice Mary (who was known as Mary, Princess Royal) was Victoria's great-granddaughter, not granddaughter.

kpearl8 Says:


I see this name as a boy's name because of the main character in At the Back of the North Wind by George MacDonald. Although even in the book it was considered very unusual XD.

bootsie Says:


I have never, ever, met anyone with this name. I do like it though.

indiefendi2 Says:


I love this for a boy more. I think that's more dope. It's so common for girls (regionally).

erinnjean Says:


My 3 year old niece told me I would have a girl and name her Diamonds. Lol. We (the adults) decided that it sounds a bit like an....*ahem* stage-name.

Theodora_Phoenix Says:


I lile this name.

Guest Says:


One of the most popular names where I live. That's why I used to hate it but I've grown to like it now.

leonoras Says: