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Gender: Female Meaning of Delia: "born on the island of Delos" Origin of Delia: Greek

The name Delia is a girl's name of Greek origin meaning "born on the island of Delos". Delia and is often added to lists like Mythology Baby Names for Girls and discussed in our forums with posts like "Girls Makeover - Two Middles".

From the experts:

Delia is a somewhat neglected seductive southern charmer that stands on its own but also might be short for Adelia or Cordelia.

Delia's name is based on that of the Greek island of Delos, which in Greek myth was the home of Apollo and Artemis and was an epithet of the moon goddess Artemis, and later taken up by the seventeenth century pastoral poets.

In Britain it has been associated with the cookbook writer and broadcaster Delia Smith; in the U.S. with novelist/screenwriter Delia Ephron, who often collaborated with her sister Nora. There have been characters named Delia on Everwood and Ghost Whisperer.

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Famous People Named Delia

Delia Ephron, American writer
Delia Ann Derbyshire, English musician
Delia Salter Bacon, American writer
Delia Matache, Romanian singer
Delia Parodi, first Argentine woman to hold a government post
Delia "Chikita" Gonzalez, American boxer
Cordelia Caroline "Delia" Sherman, American fantasy novelist
Delia Boccardo, Italian actress

Pop Culture References for the name Delia

Delia York from Omen IV: The Awakening
"Delia's Gone," folk song
dELiA*s, American teen clothing store
Delia Ketchum, mother in the Pokemon series
Delia ("Dilly") Dedalus, younger sister of Stephen Dedalus, mentioned in James Joyce's "Ulysses"
Delia Brown, character on "Everwood"
Delia Banks, character on "Ghost Whisperer"
Delia Ralston, character from Edith Wharton's 1924 novella "The Old Maid"
"My parents... must I start with them? Let's just say they called me Delia. That's enough, surely? If you don't see what's wrong with Delia I can't explain." [Thomas Hinde, "Bird," 1970]
Delia Delfano, main character on TV's "I Didn't Do It"
"Dahlia" in Welsh
Delia, character in Sarah Dessen's "The Truth About Forever"
Delia Busby, character in Call the Midwife
Delia Deetz, step-mother of Lydia Deetz in "Beetlejuice"
Cordelia "Delia" Katherine Valentine Abbott, daughter of Chloe Mitchell & Billy Abbott on "The Young and the Restless"

Deilyuh, Deliah, Delea, Delya, Dellya, Dehlia


Daiseymae Says:


That is the only way that I have every pronounced it. Delia Ryan from "Ryan's Hope".

paulapuddephatt Says:


I love this, on its own, or as a short form of Adelia or Cordelia.

cqctb Says:


We named our daughter Delia and we absolutely love it, but it does come with some retrospect at this point. We get every pronunciation under the sun and were not at all expecting to have such an issue as we didn't think it was that uncommon of a name! She's been duh-lee-ah, da-lie-ah, deal-yuh, deal-e-ah, and the ever popular Delilah and Dahlia. For reference, we pronounce it dee-lee-ah. Just food for thought while choosing!

Beck Says:


My little girl is called Delia and we love it. Very unique. It was my nans middle name. It's pronounced Dee-lee-ya same as Celia or Cordelia :)

Delia Watson Says:


My name is Delia and I pronounce it DEE- lee- uh

Kayte Says:


I have a friend with this name and she pronounces it DEEL-yuh

kpearl8 Says:


I think this is supposed to be DEE-lee-uh, but I would say DELL-ee-uh.