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Gender: F Meaning of Dara: "pearl of wisdom, or oak tree" Origin of Dara: Hebrew or Irish

Though Dara was an (extremely wise) male figure in the Bible, this name couldn't feel more feminine to modern English speakers. The Irish Gaelic version, Darragh, is well-used in contemporary times for boys. In the U.S., though, any Dara would definitely be assumed to be female.

While Dara dropped out of the Top 1000 a couple of decades ago, it's one of those magic names that feels neither fashionable nor UNfashionable. This timeless quality can be an advantage for a child over time. And Dara has the cross-cultural thing going for it as well.

The cousin-name Daria was featured a few seasons ago as the smart and cynical star of her own eponymous animated MTV show.

Famous People Named Dara

Dara Grace Torres, American Olympic swimmer
Dara Bubamara (born Radojka Kesić), Serbian singer
Sandara 'Dara' Park, Korean pop singer of the group 2NE1
Dara Joy Maclean, American Christian singer
Dara Terzić Šterić, Serbian gymnast
Dara Brown, American actress and news anchor

Pop Culture References for the name Dara

Dara, Merlin's mother in the "Chronicles of Amber"
Dara Jacqueline Warren, character in novel "Vanishing Girls"

Darissa, Darice, Dareth, Dahrah, Darra, Dahra, Darelle, Darah, Daralis, Daria, Darda, Darya, Darrah

Dara's International Variations

Darach (Irish Gaelic)