Hebrew, Slavic or Irish
"pearl of wisdom; gift; or oak tree"

Dara Origin and Meaning

The name Dara is a girl's name of Hebrew, Irish origin meaning "pearl of wisdom; gift; or oak tree".
Though Dara was an (extremely wise) male figure in the Bible, this name feels mostly feminine to modern Americans. The Irish Gaelic version, Darragh, is well-used in contemporary times for boys.

While Dara dropped out of the Top 1000 a couple of decades ago, it's one of those magic names that feels neither fashionable nor unfashionable. This timeless quality can be an advantage for a child over time. And Dara has the cross-cultural thing going for it as well. It's also a Slavic name, meaning "gift".

The cousin-name Daria was featured a few seasons ago as the smart and cynical star of her own eponymous animated MTV show.

Dara Popularity

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Famous People Named Dara

  • Dara Grace TorresAmerican Olympic swimmer
  • Dara Bubamara (born Radojka Kesić)Serbian singer
  • Sandara 'Dara' ParkKorean pop singer of the group 2NE1
  • Dara Joy MacleanAmerican Christian singer
  • Dara Terzić ŠterićSerbian gymnast
  • Dara BrownAmerican actress and news anchor
  • Dara SedakaAmerican singer, daughter of musician Neil Sedaka

Dara in Pop Culture

  • DaraMerlin's mother in the "Chronicles of Amber"
  • Dara Jacqueline Warrencharacter in novel "Vanishing Girls"

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