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Gender: F Pronunciation: HAR-ees Meaning of Charis: "grace" Origin of Charis: Greek

Reference to the mythological Three Graces of womanly charm, this one representing charity. Pronounced in Greek as starting with a back-of-the-throat H sound, most English-speakers would translate that to something closer to KAR-is. It's also the name of a girl who lived in Atlantis in the novel Taliesin, and appears in the Margaret Atwood novel The Robber Bride.

Famous People Named Charis

Charis Elisa Michelsen, American actress and model
(Helen) Charis Wilson, American model for photographer Edward Weston
Charis Boyle, American model
Charis Pulvar (b. 1998), daughter of Audrey Pulvar

Pop Culture References for the name Charis

Charis, Greek term for any of three goddesses of charm, beauty, nature, human creativity, and fertility, together known as the Charites or Graces
Charis, wife of Hephaestus in Homer's Iliad
Charis (born Karen), character in Margaret Atwood's "The Robber Bride"
Charis, narrator of "The Story of the Greek Slave," by Captain Marryat
Charis Merriville, beautiful sister of the title character in Georgette Heyer's "Frederica" (1965): "Charis! And I thought that never was anyone more aptly named, for it means 'grace', you know--from the Greek."