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Gender: M Meaning of Chandler: "candle maker" Origin of Chandler: French occupational name Chandler's Popularity in 2015: #423

With TV's Friends having vanished into rerun land, this prime-time hot name of one of its characters has begun to cool.

Famous People Named Chandler

Tyson Chandler, American basketball player
Chandler Beach, American entrepreneur and encyclopedist
Chandler Brossard, American novelist
Chandler Burr, American journalist and author
Chandler Hale, American diplomat
Chandler Owen, American writer
Chandler Williams, American football player
Chandler Hoffman, American soccer player
Chandler Riggs, American young actor
Chandler Canterbury, American child actor
Chandler Powell, professional wakeboarder
Matthew Chandler Fox, American actor
Raymond Chandler, American novelist and screenwriter
Kyle Chandler, American actor
Chandler Wilson, youtuber

Pop Culture References for the name Chandler

Chandler Muriel Bing, main character on "Friends"
Trisanna Chandler, character in Tamora Pierce's "Winding Circle" quartet, "The Circle Opens" quartet, and "The Will of the Empress"
Chandler (Gregory Harrison), a shaper and soul surfer, from the surfing cult classic North Shore.