Roman mythology name
"relating to springtime"

Ceres Origin and Meaning

The name Ceres is a girl's name of Latin origin.
Little known name of the goddess of the harvest, a possibility for the parent seeking something original, but with the aura of Roman myth. Her Greek counterpart is Demeter.

Ceres Popularity

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Ceres in Pop Culture

  • 1 Ceresthe first asteroid/dwarf planet ever discovered (1801)
  • Ceresa spirit in Shakespeare's play 'The Tempest' (1611)
  • The City of CeresCalifornia (known for its agriculture)
  • Ceresa small town in Fife, Scotland
  • Ceres Juicea large brand of fruit juices based out of South Africa
  • 'Ayashi no Ceres'a manga
  • Sounds like 'series' or 'Siri's'
  • Alma Materliterally 'bountiful mother', was a title Romans gave to goddesses, especially Ceres and Cybele.
  • Sailor Ceres aka CereCere is character in "Sailor Moon" anime

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