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Gender: Male Meaning of Cecil: "blind" Origin of Cecil: Latin

The name Cecil is a boy's name of Latin origin meaning "blind". Cecil and is often added to lists like Victorian Royal Baby Names and discussed in our forums with posts like "A brother or sister for little Jack or Olivia".

From the experts:

Once a powerful Roman clan name, Cecil has lost much of its potency over the years, though it retains a strong presence in the sports and jazz worlds. Past bearers include film giant Cecil B. DeMille, poet Cecil Day Lewis, father of Daniel, and photographer Cecil Beaton. Fictional Cecils appear in Oscar Wilde's play, Lady Windemere's Fan, E. M. Foster's A Room With a View and the film Lee Daniel's The Butler.

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Famous People Named Cecil

Cecil Blount DeMille, American film director
Cecil Grant Fielder, American baseball player
Cecil Adams, pen name of the author of The Straight Dope column
Cecil Baldwin, American voice actor
Cecil Walter Hardy Beaton, British photographer
Cecil "Cecilius" Calvert, founder of Maryland, USA
Cecil Day-Lewis, British poet
Cecil Dowdy, American football player
Cecil Newton, American football player
Cecil John Rhodes, British entrepreneur and politician
Cecil Carlon Shorts, American football player

Pop Culture References for the name Cecil

Cecil Gershwin Palmer, gay radio host and main character of "Welcome To Night Vale"
Cecil Dynever, character in "Lionel Lincoln"
Cecil Gaines, character in "The Butler"
Cecil Harvey, character in "Final Fantasy IV"
Cecil Jacobs, character in "To Kill A Mockingbird"
Lord Cecil Psnake, character in "Freddy and Fredericka"
Cecil Terwilliger, brother of Sideshow Bob on "The Simpsons"
Cecil Vyse, character in "A Room with a View"
"Cecil Dreeme" (1862), "interesting early transvestite novel" by Theodore Winthrop, in which Clara Denman dresses up as male painter amongst New York artists under the name of Cecil Dreeme in order to escape marriage to the evil Dendreth
Cecil, Zimbabwean lion killed in 2015

Siseal, Cecill

Cecil's International Variations

Cecilio (Italian)


alextheindigo Says:


I think of the Civil War and a lot of poor people named Cecil

Liamy Says:


My main concern with this name is that there are two ways to pronounce it. Cess-il seems to be the UK pronunciation and CEESE-ul the US pronunciation. I really don't like the UK pronunciation but I like the US one!

paulapuddephatt Says:


So many people, including myself, love Cecily, Cecilia and Celia, but Cecil doesn't seem to be as popular. I am starting to love this name. I think it's cute.

roseofjune Says:


Cecil reminds me of "snail" or "imbecile" :/

beachbear Says:


1. This name reminds me of an old man, because the only Cecil I've ever known was like 85.
2. It sounds like "caecilian," as in that legless amphibian that resembles an overgrown earthworm.
3. It means "blind."

lizway Says:


I feel like WTNV will give this name new life as the fans have children of their own.

LostKid Says:


I first heard this name in Welcome to Night Vale, but I like it. It's unique but not overly strange.

KassemJ Says:


I can't help but think of Jigsaw's first victim from the Saw series

Zelliew Says:


I'd leave Cecil to the annuls of history

AldabellaxWulfe Says:


I have a bit of a thing for boy names that come across as prim, proper, posh and, dare I say, even a bit snobby. Cecil fits the bill, and considering the fact that it's not at all popular recently - appearing on a list of names in the UK said to be in danger of extinction - I think it's worthy of a second look from prospective parents. The meaning might put a few people off but as it also means 'Sixth', I think that could potentially be overlooked.