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Gender: Male Pronunciation: CASS-ee-us; CASH-us Meaning of Cassius: "hollow" Origin of Cassius: Latin Cassius's Popularity in 2017: #585

The name Cassius is a boy's name of Latin origin meaning "hollow". Cassius is ranked #585 on our popularity charts and is often added to lists like Attitude Names for Boys and discussed in our forums with posts like "Names on NB that make you go WOW!".

From the experts:

Cassius, a Shakespearean name rooted in antiquity, is coming into fashion in a major way. There were two notable Ancient Roman figures named Cassius. Cassius Dio wrote an 80-volume history of Rome. Gaius Cassius Longinus, a senator who led the assassination plot against Julius Caesar, is the main figure in Shakespeare's The Tragedy of Julius Caesar. In more modern times, Cassius Clay was an abolitionist and also the birth name of boxer Muhammad Ali. It was chosen for their sons by singer Bobby Brown and Getty heir/actor Balthazar Getty. Vanessa Marcil and Brian Austin Green used the nouveau Kassius spelling for theirs. With these namesakes, it's no surprise this name has become popular in recent years.

Cassius is one of a number of Cas-starting names drawing attention, including Caspian, Cassian, Castor, Casper, Cashel, and Cash. Cass and Cash are both accessible nicknames.

Americans tend to pronounce the name CASH-us while Europeans, including the British, say CASS-ee-us.

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Famous People Named Cassius

Cassius Marcellus Clay, birth name of Muhammad Ali, American boxer
Cassius Marcellus Clay, American abolitionist
Cassius Vaughn, American NFL football player
Cassius Lee Marsh, American NFL football player
Cassius Marcellus Coolidge, American painter
Gaius Avidius Cassius, Usurper of the Roman Empire
Cassius Longinus, Hellenistic rhetorician and philosophical critic
Cassius Dio, Roman consul and historian
Cassius Edward Taylor (b. 1996), son of Lady Helen (Windsor) Taylor; in line to the British throne
Cassius Kumar Wilkinson, son of actress Sakina Jaffrey and Francis Wilkinson
Cassius Etienne Harrison Hill, son of singer Kim Hill
Cassius Paul Getty (b. 2000), son of actor Balthazar Getty
Cassius Arellano (b. 2004), son of reality TV personality Darva Conger and Jim Arellano
Cassius Crover, son of drummer Dale Crover of Melvins
Cassius Aveory Brass (b. 2008), son of reality TV personality Darren Brass of "Miami Ink"
Cassius Reilly (b. 2008), son of comedian Shappi Khorsandi and Christian Reilly
Cassius Brown (b. 2009), son of singer Bobby Brown
Cassius Licuria (b. 2011), son of Australian rules footballer Paul Licuria
Cassius Joseph Barton (b. 2011), son of footballer Joey Barton
Cassius Cruz Dwyer (b. 2016), son of soccer players Dom Dwyer and Sydney Leroux

Pop Culture References for the name Cassius

Cassius de Spain, Confederate cavalry soldier, afterward sheriff of Yoknapatawpha Co., in Absalom, Absalom! (1936) by William Faulkner
Cassius, conspirator in Shakespeare's play 'Julius Caesar'
Cassius Green, main character in Sorry to Bother You, portrayed by Lakeith Stanfield
'Cassius' - song by English indie rock band, Foals
Cassius au Bellona, character in the Red Rising Trilogy by Pierce Brown

Casseus, Cassio, Casshus, Casius


Reese Cadence Says:


I wanted to add that I'm hoping more people will be familiar with the Cash-us pronunciation due to Cassius being Mohammed Ali's real name. My experience thus far is that a lot of men know how to pronounce it Cash-en without being corrected.

Reese Cadence Says:


Both are used today but Cash-us was the original pronunciation.

Reese Cadence Says:


I am American and I pronounce this Cash-en which is the original way it was pronounced. I dislike Cass-ee-us.

primandproper Says:


I'm American and I say Cas-ee-us!

headintheclouds Says:


I've always liked the idea of the name Cassius, but ultimately it's not for me though I objectively think the name is nice-- it would be a great, offbeat option to "strong" sounding Roman boy names like Marcus, Julius, Augustus.

I much prefer the Cass-ee-us sound to the two-syllable "Cash-us" sound, and the Cash-us pronunciation would probably be the more common one, along with the nickname Cash which I don't like, at least not as much as Cass (I love the idea of the nickname Cass for a boy). The "-us" ending boy names in this category are ultimately too rigid-sounding for my tastes, which tend to lean more towards a mix of softer elements for boy names (e.g. Sebastian, Theodore, Henry).

mariahalyssa32115 Says:


Thank you, Cassius is almost 2 months old now :]

peacebird10 Says:


I thought this name had two possible pronunciations: cash-us, like the description says, or cass-ee-us. I would've thought the ancient Romans would have used the latter pronunciation?

htw Says:


Eh, im familiar w all of those texts and yet the association is lost on me.

htw Says:


I love it!

mariahalyssa32115 Says:


This is going to be my son's name & we're going to call him Cash for short.

dscampbell77 Says:


Cassius would be a great name, but it has a horrible Dante legacy (as well as a Shakespeare legacy) that I will think of every time I hear it! If someone wants to go that route, at least consider Brutus, as he was called the "noblest Roman of them all," despite being placed in the lowest circle of Hell with the scheming Cassius and the traiter, Judas Iscariot. :/ No kid wants that connection with their name!

soccergirl48120 Says:


I really like the nick name cass but i am not sure what i think of the name cassius