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Gender: F Meaning of Cait: "pure" Origin of Cait: Short form of Caitlin

Cait, pronounced like more popular sister Kate, is the form used when shortening Caitlin or any of the other Irish and Gaelic Cait-starting variations of Catherine.

Famous People Named Cait

Caitlín Rebekah "Cait" Kiernan, Irish dark fantasy novelist
Caitlin "Cait" O'Riordan, former bassist for British band The Pogues, ex-wife of singer Elvis Costello
Cait Brennan, American singer-songwriter
Cáit Keane, Irish Senator
Cait London, pen name of Lois Kleinsasser, American romance novelist
Caitlyn "Cait" Jenner (born Bruce Jenner), American athlete and reality TV personality

Pop Culture References for the name Cait

Caitlyn "Cait" McCann, character in novel "Lucas" by Kevin Brooks
Cait, character from the Fallout video game series
Cait Sith, character in video game "Final Fantasy XI"