ah-BEN-ah; ah-beh-NAH
Akan, Fante, Ghanaian
"born on Tuesday"

Abena Origin and Meaning

The name Abena is a girl's name of African, Ghanaian origin meaning "born on Tuesday".

This name from the Akan language of Ghana in West Africa is traditionally given to baby girls born on a Tuesday. The male version is Kwabena or Kobena.

Abena Popularity

Famous People Named Abena

  • Abena AppiahMiss Universe Ghana 2014
  • Abena Joan BrownAmerican businesswoman and theater producer
  • Abena P. A. BusiaGhanaian poet and feminist; daughter of Ghanaian Prime Minister Kofi Abrefa Busia
  • Abena OseiAsare, Ghanaian politician