Gender: Female Meaning of Brinley: "burnt meadow" Origin of Brinley: English Brinley's Popularity in 2018: #338

Brinley Origin and Meaning

The name Brinley is a girl's name of English origin meaning "burnt meadow".

Brinley was a surprise entrant to the girls’ names list in 2009, coming in at Number 778; it has since risen to Number 337. We've also seen it spelled Brinlee, Brinlea and Brinleigh.

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Rank in US: #338

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aleerakate Says:


I work with a 20something year old Brinley, the name works very well on her and I never thought anything beyond, "that's a nice name", when I met her. So actually, it does.

Phoebe_Harris Says:


My niece is named Brinley! 💖

Ruby Byler Says:


I actually Kind of like this name! There are names that I love as first names, and then there are names that I wouldn't love as a first name, but then I love them as middle names. This is a name that right now I would LOVE as a middle name, I like it as a first name, and maybe some day I'll love it as a first name! I think that if you would pair Brinley with the first name Isla it would sound awesome. So I would love Brinley to be a middle name in this name; Isla Brinley!!!

Michaela Says:


Yes, it would be refreshing to meet a 'burnt meadow'.

Paige_Mackenzie Says:


I am nt a fan of this name at all. I grew up on a street called Brenlee, so when I hear Brinley/Brinlee/Brynley or any other variation all I think of is a house lined street. I also just don't really like the sound of it.

ASHDAVIS1229 Says:


My six year old daughter's name is Brinley. It's very pretty, and I adore her nickname Brin.

clairels Says:


I have to agree with Rie. While Brinley will probably seem a bit dated in 20 years or so due to its trendy feel, I don't think it's a bad name for an adult woman--much better than so-called "classics" like Clementine or Olive, which are cutesy to the extreme.

rie Says:


This was already a name. It has a meaning. It wasn't all of a sudden there just to fuel your hatred of names ending in the lee sound. Names with lee at the end have been around for quite a while my friend.

I think Brinley is plenty interesting, and have yet to meet one. It would be refreshing to meet a Brinley. I think the popularity of this name is perfect around the 500's, beautiful meaning, and modern sound.

rie Says:


I have to disagree on that one. There are plenty of names ending in -ley/ly. All of these are similar sounding names:


And they would work fine on adults. At least this name works better than a name like Ellie.

rie Says:


It isn't that surprising to me with the popular of Brittany/Britney all those years ago. Like the nn Brin, too. :) This name's pretty, and although I wouldn't use it myself it has my approval. I've known a Britta and a Brittany irl but never a Brinley.

Audrey328 Says:


There are way too many names now that end with the "lee" sound. Brinley somehow seems to epitomize the superficiality of this naming trend. It's as though you can just pick any first syllable, put a "lee" on the end, and it's supposed to be a name. This isn't very interesting, in my opinion.

PuppyPaw Says:


I really like this name!

watermellie Says:


I know a 13 year-old girl named Brinley. It works for her, though I don't like it much. It's too trendy-sounding for me.

Rush1986 Says:


this name doesn't work for anyone over the age of 5. remember that.