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Gender: M Meaning of Bertram: "bright raven" Origin of Bertram: German

Old Norman name last current in the 1930s, and firmly in our 'so far out it will always be out' category--despite its appearance as a Hogwarts student in Harry Potter.

Famous People Named Bertram

Bertram Goodhue, American architect
Bertram Stevens, Australian politician, former premier of New South Wales
Bertram Mackennal, Australian sculptor
Bertram Ramsay, British admiral in WWII
Bertram Brockhouse, Canadian physicist and Nobel Prize winner

Pop Culture References for the name Bertram

Bertram "Bertie" Wooster, character in P.G. Wodehouse novels
Bertram Aubrey, character in the Harry Potter series
Bertram Winkle, character on TV's "Jessie"
Bertram Baudelaire, father of the children in A Series of Unfortunate Events
Bertram Pincus, main character from movie "Ghost Town"
Bertram Babington Bloor, character in Jenny Nimmo's "The Children of the Red King" series
Bertram Bedlington, character in The Sims video game series
Bertram Grover Weeks, character in the movie "The Sandlot"
Edmund Bertram, character in Jane Austen's "Mansfield Park"
"At Bertram's Hotel," novel by Agatha Christie

Bertrando, Bertie, Bartram, Bart, Bert, Berton, Bertranno, Bertran

Bertram's International Variations

Beltrano, Beltrán (Spanish) Bertrand (French)