Gender: Female Pronunciation: ah-veh-leen Meaning of Aveline: "desired; or island, water" Origin of Aveline: French from German

Aveline Origin and Meaning

The name Aveline is a girl's name of French origin meaning "desired; or island, water".

Aveline is a name that's long been an obscure cousin of more widely-used choices, but may come into its own riding the tail of the megapopular Ava, which may derive from the same root.

Although Aveline is a cognate of the French word for "hazlenut", the name actually derives from an obscure Germanic root, the meaning of which is not clear. Theories include "desired, wished for" and "water, island".

Aveline is different enough to sound distinct, but be warned: You will forever be explaining that no, it's not Adeline, not Evelyn, and so on.

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91flaviaj Says:


Much better than Hazel in my opinion. Love it.

Eliza1303 Says:


My little sister’s name is Avaline pronounced ah-vuh-leen. The name spelled this way is never found anywhere it’s like not even a real name(😂) but my parents spelled it this way cause they liked the nickname Ava.

Mhill46 Says:


I would definitely use this as a middle name to honor Great-grandmothers Avie and Evelyn.

Rhiannon_ Says:


My daughter is called Aveline Louna Noeli, she is named after my partner's grandmother, who is French. I just love Aveline so much!

kirachka Says:


My 4 day old granddaughter's name is Aveline, pronounced as Ave (rhymes with have)-Vuh-Line (rhymes with shine). Her maternal great grand-mother's name is Avenel. Her father's favourite name was Adeline. So Aveline's parents compromised and named her Aveline. Avie will be her affectionate name as was her Great Grand Mother's. Oh yes, Avie's paternal Geeat Grandmother's middle name was Aventine. So our family is quite pleased with the name selection! 😊

beachbear Says:


Soooo much prettier than Adeline IMO!

Fluffykitten101 Says:


That's so adorable! You definitely chose a gorgeous name for your daughter! :D

Cschwartzer31 Says:


I have a. Almost 2 year old names Aveline and we pronounce it the first way you have. Anytime I tell someone her name I get compliments. Some people think I'm saying Abilene (I guess there is a city in Texas?) but we just say no with a v.

septemberjulyy7 Says:


This name is really pretty, Ava could be a good nickname.

Fluffykitten101 Says:


This name is one of those names, like Ariana, that has so many pronunciations for it lol. I quite like this name though. Is it Ah-vuh-leen, Ah-vuh-lyn (like Evelyn), Ah-vuh-line (like Madeleine), Ay-vuh-leen (like Maybelline or something lol), Ay-vuh-lyn (a bit like Avalon), Ay-vuh-line, or Ar-vuh-leen? I guess I will never know... :(

J. Says:


My friend just named her newborn daughter this. I'd heard it before but I agree it's pretty and different.

Amy Says:


This is my daughter's name. She just turned 8 last month! I originally found it in a baby name book at the end of the description for Hazel. At the time I couldn't find it anywhere else and couldn't find any info. on it. I love it because it is unique and beautiful. We often call her Ave, Avie our Aveliney. She's accustomed to people asking her to repeat it when she introduces herself and she often says, "Just call me Ave!" ;) I tell people, "It's Aveline, like Maybelline."

Cerra White Says:


I'm so in love with this name and it's so not typically my style! Ahhhh!

Impwood Says:


Avie, Ava, Leen, Leena, Avela, Vela, Vels, Aves.

Impwood Says:


Yep, it's ah-VEL-een.

grace147 Says:


I thought the pronunciation was "Ay-va-line"?

Jamanda83 Says:


I was wondering about how it's pronounced too. I'm in America, and I read it as Av uh leen. I like the others too, but I already have a Madalyn so Madalyn and Av uh Lynn would be a little too much Lynn for me.

Waverly123 Says:


Really pretty name! I'm so curious about how to pronounce it! I originally thought Av-uh-line but Av-uh-leen the French pronunciation is really pretty too. nn Avie would be so cute!

zzyzx Says:




ElsaAnne Says:


This is gorgeous!

headintheclouds Says:


I love it! But it would probably be confused a lot with Ava, or Evelyn.

I thought it was a variant spelling of Evelyn at first, and was surprised to find out it was a completely separate name of its own. I love the meaning of hazel to make it a nature name.

Aveline combines some of my favorite sounds and letters, having the Ave-, v- and -ine sounds. It just glides off the tongue and sounds so beautiful, looks lovely written down as well. I think this is one of the prettiest names I've encountered!

Paige_Mackenzie Says:


This name is so beautiful! I am pronouncing it as Ah-veh-leen, is that correct?

AoifeORegan Says:


I've never actually heard it before, but I think of it as Av-uh-line

AoifeORegan Says:


What are some nicknames for this?

ARose1712 Says:


I am not sure about usual american pronunciation, but in french it is pronunced a-vel-een. Very pretty!

AnonymousPerson Says:


Very pretty. When I see this name I pronounce it "Av-ell-inn" this the usual pronunciation?

Sunshine Kid Says:


There is something so spunky, I could honestly see it on anyone.