Gender: Female Pronunciation: air-ee-AHD-nee Meaning of Ariadne: "most holy" Origin of Ariadne: Greek Ariadne's Popularity in 2018: #928

Ariadne Origin and Meaning

The name Ariadne is a girl's name of Greek origin meaning "most holy".

This name of the Cretan goddess of fertility is most popular now as the more melodic Ariana, but Ariadne has possibilities of its own. It first entered the US Top 1000 in 2014. The renewed interest in the name falls in line with the revival of other mythological names like Apollo and Athena. The trendy nickname Ari doesn't hurt either.

In Greek mythology, she was the daughter of Minus who gave Theseus the thread by which he escaped from the labyrinth. After being deserted by him, she married Dionysus, the god of fertility, wine and drama

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Rank in US: #928

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Famous People Named Ariadne

Pop Culture References for the name Ariadne

Ariana, Arianie, Aryanna, Aryanie, Aryane, Arene, Aryana, Ariadna, Aryanne, Ariagna

Ariadne's International Variations

Ariane, Arianne (French) Arianna (Italian)


LadyMacbethWho??? Says:


The only Ariadne I know said it like ari-add-knee

vasiliki Says:


Phaedra was Ariadne's mythological sister. I think it would make for a beautiful and distinctive sibset.

cj85 Says:


British Navy? My dad's was Andromeda.

Francoamericano Says:


Maybe its cause im stupid but, even with it sounded out, i cant pronounce it

KaiLun Says:


For me, it's not that it sounded like arachne, the spelling just made me think of Arachnid/Arachne. I actually had to look up how the scientific name for spider was spelled to recall how it was spelled after I saw this name lol dyslexic issues

Mhill46 Says:


I have no idea why but there is something about this name I just can't stand. No real reason why. Just don't like it.

Ariadne Ashleigh Says:


This is my name and it's not pronounced that way at all. The "D" is Ariadne..Short A...pronounced mom's boss is Greek and even she don't pronounce the D upon seeing my name without correction...I've had my name pronounced ari -add- nee,Adriana,Adrian...mostly Adriane...I go by Arie

Ruanne Says:


Thanks. :)

Ruanne Says:


This one's very pretty!

You should mention something about the constellation in the main text. It's where I first heard this name as a child. :)

Carol Says:


i actually think Astrid and Ariadne make cute sister names. They both start with A, otherwise not really similar.

Theodora_Phoenix Says:


I think it depends on your accent. "air" seems equally correct.

abertawe Says:


So, is nameberry's first syllable "air" wrong then? Should be ar as in car, not air?

TaliaCat Says:


This is my sister's name. We pronounce it " ah-ree-ADD-nee " ... We call her Ari, pronounced " AH-ree"
People have incorrectly called her Adriane her whole life, and she corrects them. We've joked that they must be dyslexic.

emmyb80 Says:


Oh I love your name Theodora, do you get that shortened to Theo or Dora?

Hydra Says:


It's pronounced like that if you're speaking Greek.Many people here do not speak Greek.It's like with Gertrude-do most people pronounce it the authentic German way?

iipostmvh Says:


I'm trying to get this. With your explanation it's almost impossible to say in English for me. As an example, it is extremely difficult for me to go from "e", said like the beginning of era, to "a", said like father. Further, for me, my era and air sound identical except that era has an on the end. Unfortunately so does my "th" in thistle and the ( see other reply to you).

Okay so what I end with is: R-E (Era/AIr)-AHTH-NEE or ah-ree-E (era/air)-ahth-nee.

How's that? I'm trying to help so many seem to love the name, but are butchering the pronunciation. Which is a shame.

eveyalecia Says:


So you're saying it's pronounced ar-ay-ATHE-nee or ar-ee-ATHE-nay? And the "TH" is voiced (like "the" as opposed to "thistle")?

EW314 Says:


Beautiful, beautiful name! It's light and elegant, but bold too with that -adne ending - it's amazing what a difference the d makes! Ariane is a lovely name but has none of the spunk and substance of the gorgeous original.

I would name a daughter this in a heartbeat - the only problem is my equal love for Astrid, which is a bit too close for a sibling. Decisions, decisions...

Hailey Says:


This is Ellen Page's character in Inception.

Αλίκη Says:


Love all the comments here, especially the ones about how the name should be pronounced. ... But I'm being unfair to everyone, to you it's just an exotic foreign name. I don't know if this is going to help at all, but the name is pronounced AREATHNE (with “E" as in “era" and “TH” as in “the". Oh, and “A" is a clear sound, maybe as in “father"? It's got nothing to do with “air", come on, people). And it's written Αριάδνη. If anyone is giving their daughter this lovely name, they might just as well know how to write it.

actingfun Says:


I have trouble pronouncing this name. It looks like a typo of Ariane. I like the sound of a name, but since I can't say very well myself, it seems pretty unusable.

mopcorn Says:


If I pronounce this name as air-ee-ahd-nee it sounds like I'm saying hairy hard knee with a West Country accent.

Bobcat108 Says:


Ariadne was the name of a spunky & sweet character in The Luck of Daphne Tolliver. The mom in Daphne's family named all the kids from Bulfinch's Mythology, so all of the kids had names like Apollo, Diana, etc. I've always heard Ariadne pronounced as Aa-ree-ADD-nee; I like Are-ee-AHD-nee as well but not pronounced w/the first syllable as Air. Ari's a great nn, too.

HeyItsAvery12 Says:


I thought Invented the name because I heard it in my dream.

Deannie Leigh Says:


Love it! Was dad's ship in the navy, he pronounces it Ari ADD nay but he is northern :) nn addy I think, Ari sounds like Harry in a cockney accent :P

headintheclouds Says:


I love it- and the nicknames Ari, Aria, and Addie (mostly Ari though). This is a huge huge huge guilty pleasure name for me. I'm not sure I'd have the guts to use it for a real-life baby daughter, but it's gorgeous!

PinkBerry Says:


She's the little girl who nobody can help but calling Ari, and when she grows up and people wonder about her full name she gets to say "Ariadne", and everyone is ooing and awwing at how beautiful it is

Laceyrn Says:


The Greeks don't have a syllable "air". Aristotle is pronounced ar-stotle not air-istotle

Rush1986 Says:


its Air-ee-ADD-nee. You have been saying it correctly. Congrats!

hamwan Says:


People may think it's Adriane

hughesscholar Says:


lovely meaning, very melodic but also quite bold

DearestJules Says:


I misread it as Adriane.

faithnamer Says:


Oh ok!

Theodora_Phoenix Says:


I pronounce it ar-ee-AD- nee. AR as in car, EE as in Bee, AD as in bad, NEE as in bee.

faithnamer Says:


Is it supposed to be pronounced like Air-ee-odd-nee? I've been pronouncing it like Air-ee-add-nee..

Theodora_Phoenix Says:


When I learned about its origin and heard the pronunciation, I fell in love. I do not hear any resemblance to Arachne whatsoever.

Guest Says:


When I first saw this name a couple years ago I thought it was a mispelling of Adriana. And yeah it reminds me of Arachne, in which who wants their name to conjure up images of spiders?

Rush1986 Says:


if it sounds like arachne you are pronouncing it wrong! With a nickname like Ari (ARE-ee) who wouldn't love it?

LadyVanRaven Says:


There is no end to all of Ariadne's loveliness.

faithnamer Says:


It does sound a bit like Arachne...

mflannery Says:


There are hardly any similarities between the two.

writtenmania Says:


looks like arachnid..