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Gender: Female Meaning of Anya: "grace" Origin of Anya: Russian diminutive of Anna Anya's Popularity in 2017: #627

The name Anya is a girl's name of Russian origin meaning "grace". Anya is ranked #627 on our popularity charts and is often added to lists like Best Girl Names Starting with Vowels and discussed in our forums with posts like "Change One Letter".

From the experts:

Anya is an exotic Russian version that succeeds in making Ann dynamic.

Anya is the form found most frequently in Russia, Poland and other East European countries, while Anja is the spelling usually preferred in Germany Norway, Denmark, Germany, Sweden and The Netherlands.

Anya is often used as a character name with a bit of foreign flair. Aside from its authentic use in Chekhov's The Cherry Orchard, it has appeared as Audrey Hepburn's name in Roman Holiday, on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and as the latest Spider-Girl, who is also known as Arana. In literature, Anya Seton is the pen name of Ann Seton, author of such best-selling mid-century historical novels as Dragonwyck.

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Famous People Named Anya

Anya Rozova, American fashion model
Anya Taylor-Joy, Argentine-British actress
Anya Marina, American singer known for "Satellite Heart"
Anya Gallaccio, British artist
Anya Verkhovskaya, Russian-American filmmaker
Anya Marina, American singer-songwriter
Anya Monzikova, Russian-American model
Anya Taranda, American model and showgirl; wife of songwriter Harold Arlen
Anya Seton, pen name of American romance author Ann Seton

Pop Culture References for the name Anya

Anya, Anastasia's nickname in 1997 movie "Anastasia"
Anyanka "Anya" Christina Emmanuella Jenkins, character on TV's "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"
"Because of Anya," novel by Margaret Peterson Haddix
Anya Piddling, main character from "Mist & Whispers" (The Weaver's Riddle series) by C. M. Lucas
Anya Balanchine, character in "All These Things I've Done" by Gabrielle Zevin
Anya MacPherson, character from TV's "Degrassi: The Next Generation"
Anya Borzakovskaya, character in "Anya's Ghost" by Vera Brosgol
Anya Smith, alias of Audrey Hepburn's character, Princess Ann, in "Roman Holiday"
Anya Hepburn, character from the anime "Soul Eater Not!"
Anya Sofia Corazon aka Spider-Girl, character in Marvel Comics
Anya Alstreim, character in Code Geass.
Anya Amasova, Bond girl in "The Spy Who Loved Me"
Anya Claus, wife of Santa in "Santa Claus: The Movie"
Anya Stroud, the dispatch girl in video game Gears of War
Anya, an alchemist in video game Diablo II: Lord of Destruction.
Anya, daughter of Magneto in X-Men comics
Anya, a guardian in the Star Trek episode "The Dauphin".
Anya. character in manga "Negima!"
Anya, a mission director in video game "Project I.G.I.: I'm Going In"
Anya, recurring character on TV's "The 100"
Anya, a lighthouse in video game "To the Moon"

Aniya, Aaniyah, Anja, Aniyah


yutoda Says:


This name is adorable

Anya Says:



fromtheocean12 Says:


Anya and Aanya are also Sanskrit names meaning "inexhaustible"

lindens Says:


I absolutely love the name, Anya! We named our daughter that one year ago and I’m just as much in love with her name as I am with her today❤️. Funny thing, we named her Anya Jeannette, which also has the double meaning of grace. Jeannette is also for my husband’s mom. But I love the grace grace meaning. I see it as a double portion of grace or grace because of God’s grace. Whatever you decided to name your daughter I’m sure is beautiful.

James Moore Says:


My top name, I really hope it doesn't get to popular, for some reason if the name is at least in the top 200, I don't like it anymore.

kenzarty Says:


Lol my childhood best friend's name is Anya Grace

Anya Ray Says:


I love being named Anya, and Áine, which I do pronounce the same way, is an Irish goddess, so that is awesome!

princessepeach Says:


It's too...boring...for me.

princessepeach Says:


I have a deep connection with Princess Ann "Anya Smith," and as a child I wished I was "Anya" from Anastasia. Yet I still don't like this name very much, which is very unfortunate because I would love to name a child after these people.

Nadimelis Says:


Thanks for your feedback, ChantilleElla 🙂 They were my thoughts exactly! I love the name... Just not sure about the 'grace grace' meaning...

ChantilleElla Says:


Absolutely beautiful! The only thing I'd say is that her name would mean "grace grace", which isn't ideal. It's a gorgeous name, though :)

Nadimelis Says:


We are thinking of naming our daughter 'Anya Grace'. I would love to hear your thoughts!

georgiaO Says:


Cool. I like the names Holland and Sweden.

SimoneKadele Says:


To my ear, "ahn" and "on" sound about the same in English.

Theodora_Phoenix Says:


I know a girl with a name like this, but it's spelled Ahnya. I honestly have never heard of that name before. I wonder if it's a unique spellings or a completely different name that just sounds the same.

TheHumanCanvas Says:


I thought Áine was pronounced ON-ya. Maybe it can be both.

SimoneKadele Says:


I love this name, as well as the Irish name Áine pronounced the same way...

amberdaydream Says:


The Polish version is spelled Ania.

Alicia1 Says:


Nice name!

jasminegarden Says:


as a huge fan of Buffy the vampire slayer, this is high on my list!