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Gender: F Origin of Allie: Variation or diminutive of Alexandra, Alice or Allison Allie's Popularity in 2016: #311

Allie is one short form that's gotten so popular it's often used as a name on its own. Cute, friendly, yet we'd recommend using one of the proper names such as Alice to give your daughter an option. These days, Ellie might be more fashionable.

Famous People Named Allie

Alexandria "Allie" DeBerry, American actress
Alexandra Jean Theresa "Allie" DiMeco, American actress and musician
Allie Brosh, American blogger and web comic artist
Alyssa Jean "Allie" Gonino, American actress
Allie Grant, American actress
Alexandra "Allie" Linsley Long, American soccer player
Alexandra "Allie" MacDonald, Canadian actress
Alexandria "Allie" Quigley, American basketball player
Alexandria "Allie" Trimm, American actress and singer
Allie aka Cherry Bomb (born Laura Dennis), Canadian pro wrestler
Allie Colleen Brooks, daughter of singer Garth Brooks
Allie Jane Webster, daughter of Alyssa (Bates) Webster of reality TV show Bringing Up Bates
Alice "Allie" Marriott, co-founder of Marriott International

Pop Culture References for the name Allie

Allison "Allie" Hamilton, character in "The Notebook"
Allison "Allie" Lowell, character in TV's "Kate & Allie"
Allie Keys, character in miniseries "Taken"
Allie, character in video game "Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch"