Short form of Alison or Alice or Arabic
"supreme, exalted"

Ali Origin and Meaning

The name Ali is a girl's name of Swahili origin meaning "supreme, exalted".

One of the sweet simple unisex names balanced enough to stand on its own. Ali can either be used as a shortening of Al- beginning names and is also an Arabic name in its own right.

# 865 in the US

Ali Rank in US Top 1000

Ali Popularity

Famous People Named Ali

  • Elizabeth Alice "Ali" MacGrawAmerican actress
  • Alexandra "Ali" WongAmerican actress/comedian
  • Ali Germaine LandryAmerican model/actress
  • Alison Elizabeth "Ali" LarterAmerican actress
  • Alexandra Blaire "Ali" KriegerAmerican soccer player
  • Aliana Taylor "Ali" LohanAmerican model and sister of actress Lindsay Lohan
  • Alison "Ali" HewsonIrish wife of singer Bono of U2
  • Alexandra Nicole "Ali" MichaelAmerican fashion model
  • Alexis "Ali" WallaceAmerican beauty queen; Miss Oregon 2015
  • Alexandra Lowe "Ali" RileyNew Zealand footballer
  • Alistage name of Cho Yong,jin, South Korean pop singer
  • AliCanadian YouTuber of channel girloftheyearstudios
  • Ali Weinberg (b. 1987)daughter of drummer Max Weinberg of the E Street Band
  • Aliannah Hope 'Ali' Simms (b. 2009)daughter of reality TV personalities Leah Messer and Corey Simms ("Teen Mom 2"); twin of sister Aleeah Grace
  • Ali El Mechri (b. 2013)daughter of actress Virginie Efira and director Mabrouk El Mechri

Ali in Pop Culture

  • Alison Lauren "Ali" DiLaurentischaracter in the Pretty Little Liars series
  • Ali Devoncharacter from TV's "Call Me Fitz"