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Gender: Female Pronunciation: a-LEES Origin of Alise: Latvian or English variation of Alice

The name Alise is a girl's name . Alise and discussed in our forums with posts like "What would be the perfect twin?".

From the experts:

About 60 girls were named Alise in the US last year, making it an uncommon but not truly rare name. While it's pretty and intriguing as a spin on the very popular Alice, it's pronounced more like Elise or -- in Latvian -- Elisa, and so may prove more confusing than it's worth. If you want to name your daughter Alice, name her Alice, and if you want to name her Elise, name her Elise. Choosing Alise in many ways gives you the worst of all worlds.

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Famous People Named Alise

Marie-Alise Recasner, American actress
Alise Rose Post, American BMX racer
Alise Alousi, Iraqui-American poet
Audriauna Alise Null (b. 2012), daughter of YouTuber Austin Null

Pop Culture References for the name Alise


autumnreverie Says:


I'm sure people have also used it to make it a "unique" spelling of Elise.

iheartsnailmail Says:


Nameberry is so down on my name! I've lived with it for 33 years and I'd say it's a pretty amazing name. It's not the same as Elise, anyway. Some people pronounce Elise "EE-LEESE". My name is "UH-LEESE".

Līva Poriete Says:


No, it pronounced in Latvian AH-LIS-E (European "e", not american) !! Its a girls name. How come you call it the "worst variation"? English speakers are the ones with twisted letter pronunciation and you call us weird??

jgpettus Says:


This is my middle name. It's a variant of Alice and means "Noble," which was my grandfather's name. I'm thinking of passing it on to a little girl of my own. :)