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Gender: Female Origin of Alienor: French, meaning unknown

The name Alienor is a girl's name of French origin. Alienor and discussed in our forums with posts like "Names on NB that make you go WOW!".

From the experts:

Also seen as Alyenor and Eleonore, this is an old French name dating back to the Arthurian romances and still heard today.

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Famous People Named Alienor

Alienor d'Aquitaine (Eleanor of Aquitaine), queen consort of Henry II of England
Alienor de Poitiers, Viscountess of Veurne, French etiquette writer
Aliénor Tricerri, Swiss tennis player

Pop Culture References for the name Alienor


LMSL Says:


My daughter's name is Alyénor -- just changed the "i" to a "y" to avoid the word "alien"! Et voilà!!!! The pronunciation we use is "AL - lee - uh - nor" -- we live in France, so pronunciation is not a problem since it's a very traditional French name.

morning_glory Says:


Completely didn't see "alien". Non-issue for me.

beachbear Says:


Pretty girl named Alienor walks into the classroom.
Boy, to other boy: (both looking at Alienor) "So, is she an alien or...?"

Essa Says:


I know it as a-lee-en-uh or a-lee-en-or depending on your accent.

katinka Says:


Lovely, distinctive name with history! I think people should look beyond the "alien" bit.

Chrisco Says:


I have heard it as "ah-lee-eh-NOOR" {French R}. So practically the same as Eleanor is pronounced in French.

SimoneKadele Says:


This was Eleanor of Aquitaine's name in her language. It's thought to be formed from "alia aenor," or "other Aenor," because her mother was named Aenor. Eleanor was named after her mother. I really like Eleanor, which is also a family name for me, but this is more difficult for the average English-speaker.

Zelliew Says:


Sorry but the ALIEN part is quite eye catching. Your average person would be really guessing how to pronounce Alienor

mother_dragons Says:


From what I've heard, it means "bright, shining light" or "the shining one" and is the Gaulish version of Helena

EvaThyssen Says:


I cant get over the Alien- part.

Helen De Cruz Says:


My daughter's name is Aliénor - it is a French name, it's pronounced "A" (of apple), lienor (rhymes with "folklore", with emphasis on the A. It's a lovely name and she's never been teased about being an alien.

servals_ Says:


i wouldn't name my daughter this. imagine all the "alien" jokes she would have to endure

katoolah Says:


Its just pronounced like Eleanor, as far as I know.

vintageluvs Says:


Is this pronounced like Uh-lye-nore? Or something else?