"mother's gift"

Medora Origin and Meaning

The name Medora is a girl's name of Greek origin meaning "mother's gift".

Medora is a Greek name much less common here than, say, Melanie or Melissa. It has some literary references, including as the beautiful and passionate heroine of Lord Byron's poem The Corsair, and in Edith Wharton's The Age of Innocence, there is a character named Marchioness Melora Manson.

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Famous People Named Medora

  • (Elizabeth) Medora LeighLord Byron's niece and rumored daughter
  • Medora de VallombrosaMarquise de Morès (nee von Hoffman), American heiress for whom the town of Medora, North Dakota, is named
  • Medora Ames Plimptondaughter of writer George Plimpton

Medora in Pop Culture

  • Medoraheroine in Byron's narrative poem "The Corsair" (1814). Sophie Moody suggested that it meant "mother's gift" (cf. the Greek name Metrodora). It could also be based on Medea or Medusa
  • Medora Mansoncharacter in Edith Wharton's The Age of Innocence