"strong in work"

Melisende Origin and Meaning

The name Melisende is a girl's name of German origin meaning "strong in work".

Melisende, the mellifluous name of a 12th century queen of Jerusalem, gave rise to the more modern (but less lovely) Millicent. Other old forms include Melisent, Malasintha, and the French Melisande, a fairy tale heroine.

Famous People Named Melisende

  • MelisendeQueen of Jerusalem
  • MelisendeLady of Arsuf, wife of John of Ibelin, the lord of Beirut
  • Melisende de LusignanPrincess of Antioch, youngest daughter of Queen Isabella I of Jerusalem
  • Melisende of Tripolidaughter of Hodierna and Raymond II of Tripoli
  • MelisendeViscountess of Châteaudun, Countess of Montagne

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