Gender: Female Meaning of Alexa: "defending men" Origin of Alexa: Diminutive of Greek Alexandra Alexa's Popularity in 2019: #139

Alexa Origin and Meaning

The name Alexa is a girl's name of Greek origin meaning "defending men".

Alexa -- the simple and most feminine form of the Alexandra-Alexis group -- has retained its staying power. It entered the popularity list in 1973, and has been a steadily popular choice for several decades now.

Alexa stands at the happy midpoint between the bare-bones simplicity of nicknamey Alex and the elaborate Alexandra.

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Rank in US: #139

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Alexha, Alekia, Aleksi, Aleksha, Aleixa, Alyxa, Alexxa, Alexssa, Aleksa, Allexa, Alexsa


Alexa_123 Says:


My name is Alexa, it’s short for Alexandra which is uncommon. Ever since Amazon Alexa became popular everyone I met would always make a joke like “Alexa what’s the weather today” or would say “like Amazon Alexa”. I wouldn’t recommend it. But I still like my name I always have I think it fits me, I like how it’s known but not popular I’ve only met a 2 others with my name.

Waverly123 Says:


Haha true! It's on my list as a middle name option for sure!

Alexa Gray Says:


My name is Alexa. I love it. I have no nicknames besides the quick "Lex", although, I used to desperately want to be called "Lexi". I was glad no one did start calling me Lexi later on, but now that Amazon Alexa exists, I wish everyone called me Lexi. Meeting anyone under the age of 12 or over the age 45 means them saying "Oh, like Amazon Alexa" after I introduce myself. It's whatever though. I love the name and it's really not that common, but please use a nickname for your kid

Allie Says:


I wasnt suggesting that the name itself is for a boy, only that it feels masculine and bland to me. My chosen name isn’t a personal favorite name by any means; it’s only a way to get family and friends to acknowledge a name change without too much push back. To be fair, the name itself is triggering to me due to unfortunate situations endured while I was a child and so I wanted anything other than that. That experience may definitely influence my feeling toward the name. I also was a teenager when the movie fifty first dates came out and the man/woman in the movie is called “Alexa” which wasn’t a positive association when teasing teenage bullies were involved.

Armor Says:


This is literally a super feminine, dainty, girly name. Not as frilly as some, but quite clearly feminine. Allie, by the way, was originally a form of Allison, an originally boys' name. which means that your chosen name is no more feminine than your given one.
If anything I'd be afraid my kid would feel like it was too girly and she wanted a tougher name. Alexa is such a sweet name.

Armor Says:


Nope. Only the best names are like that.

Armor Says:


Yep, for sure

Armor Says:


I know one. It is not even close to overused. I could say that Trevor is overused bc I know a lot of them, but I'm also aware that it is not a common name. Why bother saying that? There are 64 names more popular than it as of last year.. this is the highest its been, so unless you know baby Alexas, you just happen to know that many by chance.

Armor Says:


No way! just because your cousin has a similar name has no bearing on your name choices! My mother and her sisters use the same names as first names. i have a second cousin with my name and my sister has the same middle name as her first cousin. Unless you are naming your kid Alexander and you actually think he would be offended (he'd probably feel honored), go ahead and use Alexa! it is a gorgeous name! What, do you think h'ell name his daughter Alexa after himself and be mad that you stole it? He will be fine!

Listen To BLACKPINK Boombayah Says:


thats so sad alexa play despacito

indiefendi2 Says:


I believe in the next coming years, Amazon will have made Alexa unsusable.

Alexa Says:


I'm an Alexa and I really like my name. I don't think it's overused at all! I've only met 2 other Alexa's. In fact, you won't find stickers or mugs with my name on them (I'd know, I checked). I think its pretty, classy and beautiful. I'm not for the crazy unique names. I'd rather be one of 2 Alexa's in the class than have to spell my name out for everyone. That's just me though.

kertheshe Says:


Beautiful name. A much more feminine and melodic alternative for 'Alex' as a nickname for 'Alexandra', too.

Allie Says:


Alexa is my legal name and I've always hated it. I dislike how masculine it seems and it just doesn't feel spunky or pretty or anything positive IMO. If you're going to name your child this, please at least give her a feminine middle name with multiple nickname options!

tracyseymour1 Says:


I like this name, but I think it's a little overused. I'm a fan of Alexa Ray Joel, so the name has great energy for me, but, it feels overused.

TaliaCat Says:


I used to like this name, but I'm over it

Waverly123 Says:


This is my absolute favourite version of Alexandra. I love Alexa - so pretty! Sadly, my cousin is Alexander, so I probably could never use Alexa. And my own name starts with Al, so it might be too much. But I love Alexa!

ThistleThorn Says:


Could this be a nickname for Alexandra, Alexandria, or Alexandrine ?

lexibatt Says:


The name itself is pretty but i know literally 10 Alexas. its overused in my opinion.

hellogoodbye111 Says:


I'm really indifferent towards this name, but it's so worn out. Alexa, Alex, Alexander, Alexandra, Alexis.