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  • Jane

    No, we don't consider Jane too plain. In fact, for a venerable and short one-syllable name, we think it packs a surprising amount of punch, as compared to the related Jean and Joan.

    A... Read More 

  • Johnny

    The ultimate midcentury nickname, retaining a good measure of retro charm, was chosen for her son by Mira Sorvino. Read More 

  • Gia

    Gia is a cute if slight name that calls to mind stylish sisters Mia, Lea, Pia, Tia, and Nia. One of the most familiar Italian baby... Read More 

  • Shane

    Shane ambled into the picture via the 1953 movie, adding a cowboy twist to its Irish essence. Shane is even more popular in Ireland than in the USA or the UK. Singer Siobhan O'Connor and actor... Read More 

  • Shawn

    Shawn is a phonetic spelling of Sean that may be off its peak -- it was a Top 30 name in the early 1970s -- but is still very popular: 800 baby boys were named Shawn in the US in the most recent... Read More 

  • Gianni

    Gianni, the Italian equivalent of Johnny, sounds more substantial and certainly more exotic. TV star Jill Hennessey's son is named Gianni Mastropietro.Read More 

  • Johan

    Still very Old European, conjuring up the image of a classical composer. But surprisingly, it's now been in the Top 600 in the U.S. since the turn of the 21st century, largely thanks to Heidi Klum... Read More 

  • Johanna

    Johanna is the version of this name used in Holland, Germany, and Scandinavia. The extra h makes Johanna a slightly more dignified version of Joanna.

    A notable namesake is the author... Read More 

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