Girl Names Ending in O

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Girl names ending in O include many interesting options.

Margo is the most popular girl name ending with O right now, and is the only O-ending girl name in the US Top 1000 (compared with nearly 100 O-ending names for boys!).

Unique girl names ending with the letter O that are attracting attention include Calypso, Cleo, Coco, Halo, and Rio.

Here are all Nameberry’s girl names that end with the letter O.The top names below rank among the current US Top 1000 Baby Names and are ordered by popularity.Unique names rank below the Top 1000 and are listed alphabetically.
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Top Girl Names Ending in O

  • Margo

    Margo and Margot sound exactly the same, so why has the Margot spelling hopped back onto the Top 1000, outpacing Margo in numbers more than two to one? (Over 350 baby girls were named Margot in... Read More 

  • Halo

    The word has been used in English since the sixteenth century, and in the sacred sense since the seventeenth; it replaced “glory,” the older term for divine light. Being a modern word, Halo didn’t... Read More 

  • Cleo

    Cleo, one of the few girls' names to boast the cool-yet-lively o ending, is of course short for Cleopatra, the name of one of the most powerful women in history.

    Cleo was most popular... Read More 

See Unique Girl Names Ending in O