Lethe Origin and Meaning

The name Lethe is a girl's name of Greek origin meaning "oblivion".

In Greek mythology, Lethe was the name of one of the five rivers in Hades, the underworld. Lethe was also the name of the Greek spirit of forgetfulness and oblivion, with whom the river was often identified.

Famous People Named Lethe

  • Alethia Lethe TannerAmerican educator and activist

Lethe in Pop Culture

  • In Greek mythologyLethe was the underworld river of oblivion – one of the five rivers of Hades – and its goddess
  • 'Lethe' (1857)poem by Charles Baudelaire (original French title: 'Le Léthé')
  • 'Love and Lethe' (1934)short story by Samuel Beckett