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Roux Origin and Meaning

The name Roux is a girl's name of French origin meaning "russet".

Roux, a color name meaning russet or reddish brown, is a possible middle name for your little auburn-haired babe, though a post-Hunger Games child would more likely be called Rue. Roux is also a culinary term for a mixture of fat and flour used in French cooking to make sauces.

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Famous People Named Roux

  • La Rouxstage name of Eleanor "Elly" Jackson, English synth,pop singer
  • Madeleine RouxAmerican author
  • Roux James Dwyer (b. 2019)daughter of soccer players Sydney Leroux and Dom Dwyer

Roux in Pop Culture

  • Rouxa mix of fat and flour used in Cajun/Creole cooking