Pari Origin and Meaning

The name Pari is a girl's name of Persian, Iranian origin meaning "fairy".

Simple yet meaningful Iranian name that would make an excellent import to the English-speaking world.

Pari Popularity

Famous People Named Pari

  • Claudio Parian Italian composer of the late Renaissance and early Baroque periods
  • Pari SaberiIranian drama and theater director
  • Dustin Parimember of the paranormal group TAPS who had two shows on SyFy: "Ghost Hunters" and "Ghost Hunters International"

Pari in Pop Culture

  • Paritwo characters in Khaled Hosseini's "And the mountains echoed" (2013)
  • Fallen angels or faeries from ancient Persian mythology (in contrast to devor evil angels)
  • Ferdowsi's poemthe "Shahnahmeh" contains many pari characters, and references to Pari.
  • Nickname for ParisFrance.
  • Pari Urqumountain in Bolivia
  • Pari Chatamountain in Bolivia
  • Paria 1995 Iranian film
  • Paria city in Hamadan, Iran
  • Paria village in Tuscany, Italy
  • Parian ethnic group in Sudan and S. Sudan
  • Pari Aike Formationa geologic formation in southern Patagonia, Argentina
  • Pari Cheshmeha village in Mazandaran, Iran
  • Pari Kolaa village in Mazandaran, Iran
  • Pari Khama village in north,eastern Afghanistan
  • Pari Kandia village in East Azerbaijan, Iran
  • PariLaane County, a village in Kullamaa Parish, Laane County, Estonia
  • PariViljandi County, a village in Parsti Parish, Viljandi County, Estonia