Diminutive of Nicole or Indian, Punjabi, Sikh
"people of victory; little one"

Nikki Origin and Meaning

The name Nikki is a girl's name meaning "people of victory; little one".

Nikki was the it-girl name of the 1970s and '80s as both a short form of Top 10 favorite Nicole and as a given name itself.

As a Punjabi name, Nikki is usually a pet name for youngest daughters. Nikku is the male equivalent.

# 982 in the US

Nikki Rank in US Top 1000

Nikki Popularity

Famous People Named Nikki

  • Nimrata "Nikki" HaleyAmerican politician, governor of South Carolina and UN ambassador
  • Yolande Cornelia "Nikki" Giovanni Jr.American poet
  • Nicole "Nikki" ReedAmerican actress
  • Nicola "Nikki" CoghillAustralian actress
  • Monica Pauline "Nikki" GilFilipina singer/actress
  • Nicole "Nikki" YanofskyCanadian jazz,pop singer
  • Nicole Margaret "Nikki" BlonskyAmerican actress
  • Nikki WebsterAustralian pop singer
  • Nicole Avery "Nikki" CoxAmerican actress
  • Nikki LeeJapanese,American pop singer
  • Nicolette Louisa "Nikki" Palikatfinalist on TV's "Malaysian Idol"
  • Katherine Nicole "Nikki" McKibbinAmerican pop singer and finalist on TV's "American Idol"
  • Nikki HornsbyAmerican singer,songwriter
  • Nikki KerkhofDutch pop singer and winner of TV's "Idols"
  • Nikki SandersonEnglish actress
  • Nikki Schieler ZieringAmerican model and actress
  • Nikki TilroeCanadian puppeteer
  • Nikki DeLoachAmerican actress
  • Nikki GrahameEnglish reality TV personality ("Big Brother 7")
  • Nikki GriffinAmerican actress
  • Nikki BediEnglish TV presenter
  • Nikki PatelEnglish actress
  • Nikki Bellaring name of Stephanie Nicole Garcia,Colace, American pro wrestler ,
  • part of "The Bella Twins"
  • Nikki TeasleyAmerican pro basketball player
  • Nikki Bacharachdaughter of model Angie Dickinson and songwriter Burt Bacharach

Nikki in Pop Culture

  • Nikki Papaguscharacter on TV's "Switched at Birth"
  • Nikki Reynoldscharacter in movie "Shelf Life"
  • Nikki Shannoncharacter on TV's "The Client List"
  • Nikki Roycecharacter on TV's "Hawaii Five,0"
  • Nikki Newmancharacter on TV soap "The Young and the Restless"
  • Nikki Fernandezcharacter on TV's "Lost"
  • Nikki Nicholsoncharacter in "The Thing" series
  • Nikki Maxwellmain character in the Dork Diaries series
  • Nikki Wongcharacter on TV's "6teen"
  • Nicholette "Nikki" Goldcharacter in "Guardians of the Galaxy" comics
  • Mirai Nikki "Future Diary" Japanese manga series
  • Nikki Heatmain character on the Nikki Heat series of books, based on the TV show "Castle".
  • Nikkiprotagonist and player character of game Love Nikki aka Miracle Nikki in Asian countries
  • Nicolette “Nikki”main character in the Rooster Teeth animated series "Camp Camp"