Spelling variation of Avery
"ruler of the elves"

Averie Origin and Meaning

The name Averie is a girl's name meaning "ruler of the elves".

This spelling has been on the rise since it entered the charts in 2004, hot on the coattails of trendy Avery.

Avery is actually an extremely popular name, ranking in the Top 100 for 20 years now, with a long way to go before it falls off. A good comparison from the past might be Amy, which ranked on the Top 100 for four decades.

Choosing a more unusual spelling of a popular name might not make the name as unique as you hope.

# 549 in the US

Averie Rank in US Top 1000

Averie Popularity

Famous People Named Averie

  • Averie Michelle DelGrossoAmerican dancer, sister of "Dancing with the Stars" Ashly DelGrosso Costa
  • Averie La Russadaughter of baseball player Tony La Russa
  • Averie Stockdaughter of ice hockey player P.J. Stock
  • Averie Ann Moralesdaughter of YouTubers Kyra Sivertson and Oscar Morales (OKBaby)

Averie in Pop Culture

  • Averie Agatha Winstoncharacter in "General Winston's Daughter" by Sharon Shinn