Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, Hungarian
"young ceremonial attendant, gracious people"

Milla Origin and Meaning

The name Milla is a girl's name of Polish origin meaning "young ceremonial attendant, gracious people".

Milla originated as a diminutive of names like Camilla and Ludmilla, but has since become well established as a name in its own right in several European countries. Milla Jovovich is a Ukrainian-born actress and supermodel.

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Milla Popularity

Famous People Named Milla

  • Milica "Milla" JovovichUkrainian,American actress
  • Milla DavenportSwiss stage and film actress
  • Milla SaariFinnish skier
  • Milla ViljamaaFinnish composer
  • Milla Maree Pontondaughter of trainer and TV personality Shannan Ponton
  • Milla Eklund (b.2017)daughter of TV's "Million Dollar Listing New York" Fredrik Eklund and Derek Kaplan, twin of brother Fredrick

Milla in Pop Culture

  • Milla Vodellocharacter in the video game "Psychonauts".
  • Milla MagiaFinnish name of Magica De Spell (Donald Duck universe)
  • Milla TalonHand, character in Garth Nix's "Seventh Tower" series