Diminutive of Elaine
"bright shining one"

Lainie Origin and Meaning

The name Lainie is a girl's name meaning "bright shining one".

Lainie is a nickname for Elaine that has been in the public eye via Lainie Kazan (that was her full given name), who was a popular singer in the 1960s and 1970s (she was Barbra Streisand's understudy in "Funny Girl"), and then became a motherly character actress. We still find Lainie a bit flimsy for a full first name.

Lainie Popularity

Famous People Named Lainie

  • Lainie KazanAmerican actress and singer
  • Lainie FrasierAmerican voice actress
  • Lainie MarshAmerican singer,songwriter

Lainie in Pop Culture

  • Lainie Burgessa character in The Night Circus