Swedish variant of Mia
"mine or bitter"

Miah Origin and Meaning

The name Miah is a girl's name of Swedish origin.

Made most familiar by Miah Persson, a famous Swedish opera singer.

# 872 in the US

Miah Rank in US Top 1000

Miah Popularity

Famous People Named Miah

  • Miah PerssonneSwedish soprano
  • MiahMarie Langlois, Canadian basketball player
  • Miah Christine McElrath (b. 2010)daughter of Jamie McKay and Ryan McElrath of TV's "16 and Pregnant"

Miah in Pop Culture

  • Jeremiah "Miah" Roselindcharacter in the novel "If You Come Softly" by Jacqueline Woodson
  • Also a boys' name as a variation of Jeremiah