English place-name and surname
"dark wolf's wood or clearing"

Blakesley Origin and Meaning

The name Blakesley is a girl's name of English origin meaning "dark wolf's wood or clearing".

Blakesley is the name of a village in England, also sometimes found as a surname along with Blakely and Blakeley, turned into a first name for their daughter by reality stars Trista and Ryan Sutter. Blakesley joins other -ley ending names -- Hadley, Finley -- as one of the most popular forms of unisex names with a girlish spin.

Famous People Named Blakesley

  • Blakesley Grace Sutter (b. 2009)daughter of reality TV stars Trista and Ryan Sutter

Blakesley in Pop Culture

  • Blakesleecharacter in Emily Giffin's novel The One and Only
  • BlakesleyNorthamptonshire, England