Feminine variation of Leander, Greek

Leandra Origin and Meaning

The name Leandra is a girl's name of Latin origin meaning "lion-man".

With the rise of many once-dated leonine names, from Leona to Lionel to Leonora, Leandra is an unusual choice that might be looking at a comeback..

# 998 in the US

Leandra Rank in US Top 1000

Leandra Popularity

Famous People Named Leandra

  • Leandra ReillyAmerican ESPN sportscaster
  • Leandra MedineAmerican journalist and blogger of "Man Repeller"

Leandra in Pop Culture

  • Leandra Amella character from the video game 'Dragon Age 2'
  • Leandragenus of tropical plants
  • Feminine form of Leander/Leandro