Italian feminine variant of the Latin Amatus

Amata Origin and Meaning

The name Amata is a girl's name of Italian, Latin origin meaning "beloved".

Name that's virtually unknown here but has a lovely meaning and a simple sound and spelling.

Famous People Named Amata

  • Saint Amata of Assisinun who was healed by her aunt, Saint Clare of Assisi
  • Amata Catherine Coleman RadewagenU.S. Congressional delegate from American Samoa
  • Amata Kabua (male)1st President of the Marshall Islands

Amata in Pop Culture

  • AmataRoman mythological figure, wife of King Latinus, who appears in Virgil's The Aeneid
  • Amatacharacter from J.K. Rowling's 'The Tales of Beedle the Bard'
  • Amata Almodovara character in the game Fallout 3.