"the Lord is God"

Joëlle Origin and Meaning

The name Joëlle is a girl's name of Hebrew origin meaning "the Lord is God".

A French name that's lost its chic.

Famous People Named Joëlle

  • Joëlle ChoupayMogensen, American,French pop singer
  • Joëlle WintrebertFrench novelist
  • Joëlle UrsullGuadeloupean,French singer
  • Joëlle F.G.M. MilquetBelgian politician
  • Joëlle LéandreFrench bassist

Joëlle in Pop Culture

  • Joelle Van Dyne from "Infinite Jest" by David Foster Wallace Joelle from the french film "Day for Night" Joelle Fillmore mother to the main character on the cartoon series "Fillmore"