Latin from Greek
"cheerful, happy"

Hilary Origin and Meaning

The name Hilary is a girl's name of Greek, Latin origin meaning "cheerful, happy".

Hilary (also spelled with two 'l's) is a hot potato of a name, so closely identified with Sen. Clinton that it's hard for most parents to see it as a baby name. A pity, really, as it's got so much going for it: the popular, rhythmic three-syllable structure, the fact that it's strong but light, proper but jaunty, with an irresistible meaning -- having the same root as hilarious.

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Famous People Named Hilary

  • Hilary Ann SwankAmerican actress
  • Hilary Erhard DuffAmerican singer and actress
  • Hilary Hollis RhodaAmerican model
  • Hilary (Blake)American singer,songwriter
  • Hilary Jane ArmstrongBritish politician
  • Hilary Mary MantelEnglish writer
  • Hilary HahnAmerican violinist
  • Hilary du PréBritish flautist
  • Hilary RosenAmerican communications consultant, Democratic pundit, and former registered lobbyist

Hilary in Pop Culture

  • Hilary Bankscharacter on the TV show "Fresh Prince of Bel,Air"
  • Hilarycharacter from the film "But I'm a Cheerleader"
  • Hilary FayMandy Moore's character from the film "Saved"
  • Hilary Wentworthcharacter in the "St. Clare's" book series by Enid Blyton
  • Hilary "Larry" Friedmancharacter in movie "Blended"