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Hanne Origin and Meaning

The name Hanne is a girl's name of German, Nordic origin meaning "grace".

This spin on the popular Hannah is widely-used in Europe and pronounced similarly to Hannah. It may also be a short form of Johanne, from John/Joan.

Hanne Popularity

Famous People Named Hanne

  • Hanne Gaby OdieleBelgian model
  • Hanne BlankAmerican historian, writer, editor and public speaker
  • Hanne HarlemNorwegian politician
  • Hanne HauglandNorwegian high jumper
  • Hanne HiobGerman actress
  • Hanne HukkelbergNorwegian singer,songwriter
  • Hanne KroghNorwegian singer
  • Hanne LilandNorwegian race walker
  • Hanne WolharnGerman actress
  • Anna Karina (born Hanne Karin Blarke Bayer)Danish actress